CTF has ended

Thanks everyone for playing in our first edition of PwnThyBytes CTF! We hope you had an enjoyable weekend with us. Please fill out this feedback form to help us improve:
You can also rate us on CTFtime:
For any other thoughts you care to share, please use #PTBCTF on Twitter.


Writeup reminder

A quick reminder from the rules: The top 10 teams are requested to send writeups if they wish to claim prizes. Also, teams will refrain from making the writeups public until the writeup submission deadline which is 72 hours from the end of the contest. So we kindly ask everyone to wait until then for discussions on tasks that have been solved. Keep working if you enjoyed them. For the unsolved challenges we can talk on Discord after the CTF ends.


Final challenge release

The last challenges have been opened: Bilingual, Heap School 666, LOTR and DwarrowdELF - Conquest


Radio Ga Ga update

We've updated the flag such that it is now a regex which takes into account that not all the characters can be heard clearly. Please resubmit your flags if you've tried before without any success.


Malus Starkrimson clarification

With regards to Malus Starkrimson, you will not find the flag in the ~10000 files that show up if you mount the filesystem under MacOS or apfs-fuse. There is no steganography implying file names, sizes, times, pixels, etc. There is nothing useful if you decode any hex string inside a picture. Look deeper.


The Ultimate Shipping System fixed

`The Ultimate Shipping System` should now be fixed. The solution was time-dependent and there were some periods of time when it wouldn't work. If you already reverse engineered everything, the change we made is basically `... % 1000000` => `... % 100000`


More challenges opened

Five more challenges have been added. Good luck!


TTM hint

Hint added for TTM, five new challenges coming right up.


All systems are go

The competition is now live! Good luck and have fun! Also, please read the task texts and task titles carefully and take note of any indications given. Some tasks have a Dockerfile given, please start solving on that setup to avoid working on a completely different challenge than what we intended (and what is possible).